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The Challenge

Due to social and systematic barriers, African, Caribbean, and Black women in Ontario are disproportionality testing positive for HIV. Our challenge was to encourage these women to get tested for HIV/AIDS and know their status.

Our Approach

Public created "The Care Salon", a pop-up activation at local hair salons, where point-of-care testing would be offered to patrons in the salon that day. By including HIV testing in a broader message about self-care, we aimed to address barriers around accessibility, education, and the stigma around getting tested.

Collective Impact

Through a series of activations and a digital, social, and influencer strategy, we educated audiences and encouraged them to learn more about the issue, the barriers, and begin to take part in an open dialogue about the importance of testing. We activated the community to get tested and begin to consider testing as a part of their overall wellness ritual.


Creative Partners

Eggplant Music & Sound

LeSean Harris

Jermaine Will

Brian Horrell

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