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The Challenge

During the pandemic, helped ensure that youth in underserved communities in the USA stay engaged in school and prepared for future success, by quickly pivoting to bring their entrepreneurship curriculum online. To continue reaching their target demographic, needed a cost-effective way to drive awareness about their free, digital offering to the nation’s educators, community leaders and organizations.

Our Approach

While we had the opportunity to target a mass audience through the existing relationship with Comcast NBCU, our strategy was instead to leverage existing assets and networks and refocus our message on people in the community. We leveraged existing content to develop new creative, and used a combination of Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and email to serve it to our audience where they were.  

Our Collective Impact

Our ads garnered quality impressions, with 60% of impressions being Thruplay and a video completion rate of 55%. We found the right audience that engaged, watched and clicked through to learn more about, with a total reach of just under 500,000.


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