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Johnson & Johnson


The Challenge

To build awareness and engagement of Johnson & Johnson’s enduring commitment to frontline health workers around the globe through its Center for Health Worker Innovation.

Our Approach

Johnson & Johnson's #BacktheFrontline campaign is a rallying cry in two-phases, designed to celebrate and support frontline health workers’ compassion, dedication and professionalism, particularly during COVID-19. 

The first stage of the campaign engaged Johnson & Johnson employees and partners - asking them to share short videos during the pandemic describing how they are supporting frontline health workers in these times in big ways and small. In the next stage we handed the microphone to frontline workers themselves to elevate their voices and experiences during COVID-19. Our anthemic “Let’s Learn the Lessons” campaign videos illustrate the many lessons learned from the pandemic, first & foremost, the lesson that supporting frontline health workers improves healthcare for all of us. This was designed to sign on more people to Johnson & Johnson's efforts in support of frontline workers.

Our Collective Impact

Phase One of #BacktheFrontline launched in April 2020 and phase two launched in October, reaching over 39 million people in countries around the globe to date, and engaged people in signing on to Johnson & Johnson's Center for Health Worker Innovation.

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