The Challenge

Social Impact has been at the core of the LCBO's mandate for over 90 years. Public was tasked with creating a social impact platform that strategically integrates the LCBO's business objectives and brand to create greater community and business impact.

Our Approach

Public developed Spirit of Sustainability, a social impact platform that leverages the LCBO’s scale and influence to take a leading stance on sustainability. We took an integrated approach, calling for an enterprise-wide commitment with clear goals that will drive measurable social impact in communities across Ontario.

Collective Impact

Spirit of Sustainability focuses on three pillars that support building a more sustainable future.

  • Good People: improving the well-being of customers, employees, and communities across Ontario through education and engagement initiatives.

  • Good Planet: minimizing impact on the environment with improved practices and infrastructure.

  • Good Partnerships: improving the sustainability of the industry through leadership and setting higher standards for suppliers.

The LCBO will begin measuring and reporting on their progress in April of 2020.