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Nestlé Canada


The Challenge

To reinforce Nestlé Canada’s reputation as a company committed to its sustainability goals.

Our Approach

Wanting to tell an important story about how Nestlé’s packaging is changing for the better, we thought there’d be no better way than to let the packaging speak for itself. So we used photography and type to bring iconic Nestlé brand names and packaging to life, storytelling Nestlé’s plan of action for a waste-free future in snackable video content for social media. 

Our Collective Impact

We reached out to consumers in key markets across Canada to educate them about the bold investments Nestlé is making to transform their packaging – and the incredible impact that investment will have on the globe as a result of their product reach.


Gaining over 15M impressions in a short-flight campaign, we helped move the needle on brand awareness and purchase intent, while helping consumers choose products that are better for both their families and the planet. 

Creative Partners

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