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The Challenge

It can be difficult for families to identify and choose healthy drinks with pure ingredients, since packaged drinks are so often deceitfully marketed. For VIVEAU, whose product really is that pure, the challenge was standing out.

Our Approach

To develop a unique branding idea to help VIVEAU differentiate, we started with the product insight: VIVEAU is 50% sparkling mineral water, 50% fresh-pressed fruit, and unlike other brands in their category, 100% transparent about what goes into their product. 

We used VIVEAU’s commitment to transparency across all communications and packaging as the seed to develop an uncompromising brand expression, centring truth.

Our Collective Impact

As soon as VIVEAU launched across Canada, the principle of truth was successfully integrated into 100% of company operations— from their farmers, to internal culture, to the packaging that reaches the consumer. We helped VIVEAU stand out as a transparent brand that the whole family can enjoy, and see straight through.

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